Who owns Lydia?

Who owns Lydia?

“At first, we wanted to raise less but we ended up raising more,” Lydia co-founder and CEO Cyril Chiche told me in a phone interview. The company has managed to attract 3 million users in France. More impressive, 25% of French people between 18 and 30 years old have a Lydia account — and 5,000 people sign up every day.

What is Lydia company?

Lydia develops a mobile payment platform intended to make payments easier. Lydia is a social interface that connects phones with cards to pay anyone with one app, allowing users to make pain-free payments through a mobile wallet system without carrying any cheques or ATM card.

What is Lydia’s business model?

By adding more products on top of peer-to-peer payments, Lydia wants to drive engagement. The business model is quite clear. When you’re sending and receiving a handful of payments with the app, everything is free. If you want to go further, the company offers premium subscriptions.8 Dec 2021

How do you receive money from Lydia?

If the person already uses Lydia, he/she will automatically receive the money on his/her account and will be notified. If he/she doesn’t use the app, he/she will receive a message with a link to a web page on which he/she will be able to enter the details of the bank account on which he/she wants to transfer the money.

Is Lydia French?

French startup Lydia looks and acts a lot like Venmo — and it’s not a bad thing.

How does Lydia app work?

Professional users can start accepting payments using Lydia. Every time someone wants to pay using Lydia, he or she opens the app, enters the amount and shows the QR code to the merchant. The cashier scans the QR code with a phone. This way, it doesn’t rely on the client’s cellular network.

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Does Lydia work in USA?

But its main issue is that it only works in the U.S. This is where Lydia comes into play. “Lydia isn’t a payment technology, it’s just a new payment processor like PayPal,” co-founder and CEO Cyril Chiche told me in a phone interview. “We use existing payment technologies, and, in particular, debit cards.”24 Feb 2014

How much does Lydia cost?

Lydia Pro isn’t free. Merchants have to pay 0.3 percent per transaction and a monthly plan that starts at $6.70 (€4.90). It is still a lot cheaper than other payment processors.

Where is Lydia available?

⚠️ Lydia is only available in Euros (€). The user’s bank might be charging conversion fees when using a credit card or an IBAN linked to a bank account in a different currency.

Does Lydia work in the UK?

Lydia, the French payments app, will cease its activities in the UK by October. As a result, it will be closing all user accounts set to Pound Sterling from August 3, 2020 and it will also no longer be possible to set up a Lydia account in the currency.4 Aug 2020

Is Lydia a French company?

French startup Lydia appears to be more popular than ever. It’s now the second-most downloaded fintech app in France, allowing 5.5m customers to bank, invest and send money to each other. Giant investors like Tencent and Accel are also Lydia supporters, joining its $133m Series B.8 Dec 2021

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